January 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year!  I hope you share my excitement as we look ahead to the opportunities in front of us in 2012.  The word that consistently comes to my mind is adventure and when I think of adventure, I think challenge.

For each one of us, “challenge” is going to mean something a little different and that is a good thing.  Part of the beauty of community is that we all bring something unique to it so I want to begin by celebrating and embracing who each of you were uniquely created to be.  We are on a journey of discovery … together … so let’s begin.

The 30-Day Challenge!

I have asked many of you what it would look like to hold yourself to a higher vision and, starting this month. I’d like to challenge you in one of the five strategic areas, specifically your physical well-being.  This is not a New Year’s Resolution sprint, but the beginning of a sustained way of thinking and being.  Few people understand how their level of fitness and wellness impacts the other areas of their life:  the emotional, spiritual, mental and relational.  And the converse is also true – each of these areas support and strengthen each other … or not. 

So, for 30 days, we will offer challenges and encouragement on the Blog.  This is an interactive process so feel free to post your progress, questions, challenges, successes and revelations as your journey continues.  Like I said, we will each have individual goals, but we are not meant to do it alone … and you aren’t. 

Are you ready for the 30-Day Challenge?  We will kick-off on Tuesday, January 31st and finish up on Leap Day, Wednesday, February 29th.  As you prepare to get started, it is important that you create a personal plan, keeping in mind that we are aiming for long-term breakthrough in the area physical health and wellness

There are two areas I encourage you to think carefully about in creating your plan:

     I.      Developing the Three Main Components of Physical Intelligence

  1. Wise nutrition
  2. Consistent balanced exercise
  3. Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and preventative thinking

Consider what happens to the other dimensions when the body is neglected. We can lose our health and also risk losing our mental focus, our creativity, our endurance, our toughness, our courage, our learning capacity and our retention. When we exercise, rest and eat properly, we retain our mental focus and toughness as well as encourage our thirst for learning.

What happens to our emotional intelligence and to our heart when we neglect our bodies, when we become a function of appetites and passions?  Our patience, love, understanding, empathy, the ability to listen and compassion become subordinated. They become buzz words without flesh and blood to drive them.

   II.      Defining your plan – daily, weekly, for these 30-days and ongoing.  Our vision for you is that this becomes a life-style change – a new way of thinking and being.


A.  Support – You are not meant to do this alone!

  • Think about connecting with a partner for the Challenge.  It may not be practical for you to actually work out together but it will be an enormous source of mutual encouragement to share your plan, goals, challenges and progress with a friend.  You will be uniquely placed to help each other realize your individual potential!

B.  Nutrition – As mentioned above, be wise!

  • Take an honest inventory of your diet and eating habits.  Are you getting balanced nutrition, proper hydration and the right sources of energy to fuel your body and how you would like to life your life? 

 C.  Fitness – Set yourself up for success … consistent and balanced are the keys

  • Begin NOW to develop a daily routine so you are ready to go on January 31st.  Your exercise plan needs to be right for you – something you can build on, not something that will likely lead to defeat.  Try to build cardio, strength training and stretching into your weekly, if not daily, goals.  Think RELEVANT, REALISTIC and ATTAINABLE.
  • There are several items that can be measured as you develop your fitness goals – weight, time, frequency, body fat, etc.  We will be offering some suggestions along the way to keep you organized and on track!

 D.  Wellness – Above all, this is HONORING your whole being and understanding how your physical intelligence impacts how every other part of you works, doesn’t work and how it all integrates together

  • Ensure that your plan includes proper amounts of rest.  You may find you need to modify your sleeping habits to accommodate the changes in your diet and exercise.  Prayer, meditation and relaxation need to be a regular part of your regime.

All of this is meant to reduce and prevent stress, not add to it.  I want to emphasize again that this should be a plan that works for you.  I want to encourage you to join forces and do this Challenge with a friend.  I want you to know that you are being supported by our team and we are here to provide encouragement, strategies and answer questions. 

 Let’s get ready!  The Challenge begins in TWO WEEKS!




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